Our Name

We get a lot of questions about how Sycamore & Amaranth got its name, and we're here to tell all!

Sycamore Branch

Sycamore is the name of the street Whitney (our designer and CEO) grew up on, so it invokes a sense of home for her. Sycamore trees are also symbolic of femininity, and were considered sacred in ancient Egypt as well as biblically.


Amaranth is also a botanical beauty. It is a grain that varies in color from fuschia (as seen above) to tan or green. It is also the name of a mythical flower that never fades, and a symbol of everlasting youth.

We hope that you love your Sycamore & Amaranth jewelry, that it has great meaning to you, and that when you wear it, you feel young, feminine, and glamorous!

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